Perma Strate
Before and After

Perma-Strate is  revolutionizing the siding industry allowing siding to expand and contract - eliminating warping and buckling forever.

Enhances the performance of all brands and qualities of siding.

"We had been told by one of your competitors that our masonite boards that were warped would have to be removed. Your salesman was very helpful and explained how your Perma-Strate wall system could straighten out our walls and leave our masonite boards on for additional insulation. Our siding looks great! This was a very pleasant experience."

Diane Caudillo, Home Owner


"I've been in the construction business for over 30 years and Perma-Strate is the best new idea in the siding industry since I've been building. I have my siding contractors use it on all of my jobs - both new and remodeled - because you can use it over brick, stucco or any irregular wall surface and it's great on new straight walls. It pleases my customers and it assures me that the siding will stay straight and stay on."

Bob Hess, Builder


"The Perma-Strate Wall System is one of the greatest things that  has happened to the siding industry. The biggest problem that you have with siding is how it is installed. Perma-Strate solves this problem."

D.J. Waller, Contractor


"We have done extensive testing on the use of the Perma-Strate Wall System with our vinyl siding products. We have found that this system will enhance the long-term performance of our products by providing a stronger, straighter surface application."

Major Vinyl Siding Producer        

"We're the ones with the old farm house with a room addition on the the back. The Perma-Strate bar with the siding really made the room addition look like it was always part of the house."

Home Owner